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Kamileon at its core is about change.

Fast Fashion is estimated to produce over 92million tonnes of textile waste every year. 85% of this is either burned or buried in landfills. Fast Fashion is also responsible for 20% of the planets waste water - thats insane.


Kamileon Products

We only produce products that we are willing to buy back, this is our quality guarantee. This can be anytime, in any condition (6weeks, 6years, ripped or stained) 

We will buy it back from you for 50% of what you bought it for. 

 Any products that are returned are refurbished and distributed to climate charities. This is our way of playing a small part in helping those effected by climate change and helping to reduce  textile waste at the same time.


The top 3 reasons people give for not working out or going to the Gym

1. Lack of time - Kamileon Cubes are open 24/7 and Kamileon Digital has workouts starting at just 15mins!

2. Lack of Confidence - With Kamileon Cubes the place is yours, no prying eyes, no critique. Bring a friend or personal trainer - or ask us.

3. The gym is too busy - not at Kamileon they are not. The whole place is yours, no waiting for equipment, you do what you want when you want.

Kamileon Fitness Cubes

Kamileon have opened a number of  high quality fitness facilities, Gym's & Exercise Studio's.

The aim of these facilities is to provide and alternative to the current gym offering. Kamileon Gym Cubes are completely private, the studios bespoke classes from your favourite instructors.

 Our facilities also offer local fitness experts the ability to start their own business in high quality facilities without any of the start up costs.

Kamileon Digital

Kamileon was founded by experts in fitness and digital media, as well as our huge range of international content we offer local instructors the opportunity to produce high production value content free of charge.

We also encourage a multi-cultural and multi-language approach to the production to make sure that great fitness content is available to everyone.

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